Mária Škrabišová



Palacký University Olomouc (UP) is an internationally respected and scientifically and academically highly productive university in Central Europe. Founded in 1573, it is the second-oldest university in the Czech Republic and the oldest one in Moravia. For 450 years it has contributed to the intellectual wealth of society and to its scientific, cultural, and social development. The university operates a number of modern science and research centres employing renowned international teams. Every year 23,000 students study UP’s eight faculties, which provide over a thousand combinations of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral study programmes. Faculty of Science is a research-oriented faculty. Through research at the international level, UP contributes to solving global challenges.


Role in the Legume Generation project

UP supports the genetic improvement of the innovation communities. It is leading a task dedicated to supporting data analysis. UP is participating in tasks to enhance and synchronize genotyping efforts. Here, UP is implementing an applied genomics approach for genome-wide association studies-driven discoveries across legume crop traits. UP designs genotyping and resequencing strategies for soybean. Here, UP will explore the genetic potential of European soybean genotypes by contrasting them to the worldwide diversity and elite varieties across the globe. As a result, UP will predict an in-silico genotype of a soybean ideotype. In addition, UP will support knowledge transfer