LegumeGeneration has held its 2nd internal webinar dedicated to the practical and technical details of using Easy-SMTA and assigning DOIs through GLIS.

The invited FAO expert Marco Marsella has provided an overview of options available for SMTA generation and reporting, as well as DOI registration in GLIS. The two processes share most of the concepts, with obvious differences. In particular, both:

🔹 offer a manual interaction to create/accept/report SMTAs or assign DOIs;
🔹 offer a batch, Excel-based procedure to report SMTAs prepared outside Easy-SMTA or register DOIs;
🔹 offer a XML-based integration protocol for those stakeholders having suitable documentation systems and the required capabilities. In this latter case and only for DOI registration, the Integration Toolkit we also offer helps reduce the adoption effort.

Marco Marsella has also provided details on the advantages of adopting some third-party systems such as GRIN-Global or GRIN-Global Community Edition that support both SMTA reporting and DOI registration.