Donal Murphy-Bokern



Donal Murphy-Bokern is a general agricultural scientist and economist with research experience in agronomy and food systems. He works independently in international and innovation projects bringing insights from working in the EU Framework Programmes since 2007 and from directing public research programmes in agriculture, non-food crops, and agri-food systems in the United Kingdom. Most of his work now supports the European Union’s framework programmes (Horizon Europe). He also continues to contribute to research, particularly in the interactions between diet and GHG emissions from agri-food systems, to support the Protein Transition.


Role in the Legume Generation project

Donal Murphy-Bokern is the project science coordinator. He is responsible for overall guidance of the consortium’s research and innovation work and for assuring the quality of its outputs. He works with all partners and especially with the innovation communities to help ensure the consortium works effectively and that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. He also leads work on the governance (or regulation) and the sustainable financing of legume breeding.